Pass It Forward

Pass it Forward donation is to help support those who cannot afford CBD Paste.

When you donate any amount it accumulates each time an individual donates. When the glass gets full figuratively speaking, Canna international will send a free 3 oz jar of CBD Paste to the next person on the "Pass it Forward" waiting list. That 3 oz jar normally sells for $175.00 but Canna international also contributes $50.00 towards each jar donated. This means when the donation level hits $125.00 a 3 oz jar is given to the next person on the waiting list. 


We have created an accountability system. 

Example: When John Hancock donates $5.00 we take part of his name and post it on the donation page with the amount. Some people want to be anonymous so we have an option on the check out which allows the donor to opt out their full name to keep anonymous or not. The whole world can see who donates and what amount and when the donations hit the $125.00 mark which subsequently another jar is given away. When you donate, it is your responsibility to look and see if your name is posted with the amount. This is how we have created the accountability system. Unlike some of the questionable foundations out there, we the people can see who donates and who gets the jar of CBD Paste. 


"Pass it Forward" Donations are below.