About CBD Paste

CBD Paste is a product of Canna International, created by the founder of the Cannabis Paste and CBD Paste method. In 2010, founder Brad Morehouse was providing cannabis oil free to friends and family when he stumbled upon the bible verse Exodus 30:23, which talks about fragrant cane (most translations). He did an extensive study on "kaneh bos" which is Hebrew for fragrant cane. Long story short, Brad had a meeting with some Hebrew scholars and came to the solid conclusion that cannabis and hemp have been around since the apple tree. Acknowledging this fact, he realized that this proves that thousands of years ago people who used this medicine did not have frying pans or isopropyl alcohol and would not have needed to concentrate the medicine(cannabis oil etc). This is where Brad Morehouse revolutionized the idea of recreating the paste method used in biblical times.
The whole plant and nothing but the plant, so help me God  is a trademark of Canna International.
One of Canna International's most inspiring testimonies is epileptic Holden Rupert, who is the inspiration behind Holden's Hope(our charitable branch). Find out more about Holden here: http://holdenshope.com
Canna Doggy(our pet division) was built with pets in mind and was inspired by  Casslyn from Singapore.  Her uncle was using Canna Paste for his cancer and decided to give it to his dying dog too. For more information visit http://cannadoggy.com
The FDA will not allow us to post natural cure claims or testimonies but all we can say is the stories end extremely well.  We are thrilled to welcome you to our website and online store where you can purchase a jar of our CBD Paste.
If you're interested in becoming a wholesaler, please contact CannaPaste.com or call 717-222-7305.