Canna Chocolate Bar Makes Its Debut

World's Highest CBD Chocolate Bar
Canna Chocolate Company has created a chocolate bar with the  highest amount of CBD found anywhere. Better yet, it tastes good!
We do have to say that there is a definite flavor of cannabis. When you take a bite you will 100% taste a fresh cannabis flavor, even though we used Hemp paste made by If you indulged in 'weed brownies" in college, you will have a flashback once you take a bite of the "Canna Chocolate Bar". Unlike those brownies, this chocolate bar has no THC and is 100% LEGAL in all 50 states. Imagine 100 mg of CBD elegantly cooked in a 109 year family chocolate recipe. We are proud to say that Patsy's Candies in Colorado Springs made our chocolate bars. Patsy's Candies is the exclusive chocolate maker for the famous Broadmoor Hotel.
We invite you to google CBD chocolate bars and see that we cost roughly 80% less per CBD milligram than what you will find online.  We use the most natural form of CBD and no harsh chemicals. The bud you see in the picture is the exact same bud used for the chocolate bars.
If you have a chocolate connoisour in your life, we can gurantee they haven't had anything like this. Get healthy and eat chocolate!