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Can Cannabinoids in Cannabis Paste fight off Ebola?


As fear spreads throughout the world, researchers are preparing for an all out counter strike as Ebola has the strength and potential to take down a large percentage of the world population. On August 27th Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard published the findings along with other scientists that Ebola has been genetically sequenced in scores of victims which means Ebola mutates quickly which makes creating a serum that matches the patients strain like playing Russian roulette. Yes, a serum will save thousands but diagnosing each patients strain in time will be challenging to the point that the death rate will be substantial even in the best case scenario.
Could anti-retrovirals in Cannabis be the answer? Brad Morehouse the Founder of NewCure.org believe that it will greatly decrease the mortality rate. “Enough research has already been done and current evidence of Cannabinoids killing other diseases such as Lyme disease is overwhelming” says Mr. Morehouse. “Cannabis is currently being researched as a natural substance to fight HIV and naturally builds the bodies immune system as Cannabis is one of nature’s best anti-retrovirals.

Federal and state laws are an obstacle hindering researchers from advancement and investigation of natural cures such as Cannabis due to the strict legal regulations and zero profit margin. Researchers in the natural cure's arena are at a further disadvantage as they cannot work with the Ebola strain as the mandatory Level 4 Bio-Safety lab is way beyond the reach of such researches

Study implicates that Ebola kills you by the cytokine storm. Besides Cannabis having anti-retrovirals, Cannabinoids are Anti-inflammatory which decreases the cytokine storm. The study of Cannabis cannabinoid biology has led to many important discoveries in immunology; not only existence of a new physiological system - the endocannabinoid system, but also its role in the regulation of the immune system. Studies examining the effect of cannabinoids on immunity have shown that many cellular and cytokine mechanisms are suppressed by these agents (Klein&Cabral, 2006).

In layman's terms, Cannabis has anti-retrovirals, regulates the immune system and is greatly known for anti-inflammatory (cytokine). It's time to make or get some Cannabis Paste says Mr. Morehouse. Again if there is no known vaccine then we better prepare in a natural and preventative way.

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